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Nebulizator, VMA POWER MULTIROW 2020

Producător: VMA


Basic standard equipment:

To ensure maximum reliability over time, VMA has always used only first-rate materials and devices for the realization of its products. The POWER MULTIROW 2020 sprayer includes for example the following features, already included in the standard equipment:

  • hot galvanized steel frame treated with high adhesion bottom, metallic paint and transparent protective;
  • ventral and lateral bumpers, also in steel;
  • hubs adjustable in height;
  • main tank with a capacity of 1000/2000 lt, made of high density polyethylene complete with mixer of the phytoiatric product, level indicator, hand-washing tank, circuit washing and can washing;
  • fan casing in hot galvanized and painted sheet steel;
  • high performance centrifugal fan in steel sheet Ø 570 mm;
  • Comer mechanical gearbox in oil bath, with 2-speed gearbox;
  • disengagement of motion towards the fan and centrifugal clutch on its shaft;
  • three-diaphragm pump in 135 l / min anodized aluminum Made in Italy, with a maximum operating pressure of 20 bar;
  • electro-hydraulic control of opening, closing, height and width adjustment of the lateral distribution devices;
  • command control unit for controlling the delivery of the individual nozzles, both for pneumatic and mechanical spraying.
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