Echipament de desfrunzit cu sistem A’SYST ‘PROVITIS LR350’


The follow-up assistance device allows the leaf remover LR 350 to follow the row automatically and without operator intervention.
Working with hydraulic without electric sensor or electronics, A’Syst is characterized by its technology choice and provides:
– a great flexibility ;
– a high efficiency (working speed over 6 km/h) ;
– the respect of the berries thanks to the particular “C” form of the sensor whose hollow section at its center avoid rubing the grapes.

The operation
– Drum with openings in which a suction outlet with a turbine is installed. The depressurisation caused by the turbine forces the leaves to get stuck on the drum that is driven in rotation. The leaves are then taken to a roller placed against the drum. Gripped between the roller and the drum, the leaves are torn off. Beyond the roller and the suction zone, the leaves fall on the ground.
– Working heigt 480 mm.
– The leaf stripping head is mounted on a parallelogram frame ensuring that the plane of vegetation is followed.
– The turbines and the roller are driven by hydraulic motors.
– The leaf stripper LR 350 may be adapted to any type of carrier, vineyard tractor, high clearance tractor or even grape harvesting machine.

The advantages
– The entire leaves torn off do not pass into the turbine and therefore, they are not crushed and sprayed into the neighbouring rows.
– Since the work plane is followed thanks to the parallelogram, the leaf stripping is uniform and without force on the tying or the grapes
– Simple machine of reduced weight and dimensions, requiring low maintenance.

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